MCT45 is a Functional Fitness class. Each class is challenging and altered for any level of fitness.


Funtional Fitness


Functional fitness is training for life! We use movements that recruit numerous muscle groups to get your body moving the way it was designed to move, as one whole unit.


The Classes


Get in, Get out in 45mins! Kickstart your day with motivation and drive in our action-packed sessions.

In this time, we will have you warmed up and firing correctly for the workout ahead of you. Sessions vary from ‘Bootcamp’ and ‘FightFit’ style fitness to simple ‘Functional Fitness’ training. Expect to learn something new with boxing sessions on pads, running, skipping as well as movements with some of our more unconventional equipment such as sandbags, slam balls and tyres.

Each class is wrapped up with a warm down.

Not a morning person? We also offer evening classes for those who prefer working out later in the day or after work.