Hi, I’m Madison Blain (Coach Maddie or Mads for short) and this is a little about me! I grew up in a small fishing town in the Gulf of Carpentaria – Karumba. Growing up in a town with not alot besides three pubs and a shop, encourages children to be creative and active. I can’t say I was one for creativity but I was most definitely active. Thus began my love of moving!

Throughout my childhood I dabbled in many different sports, athletics, swimming, tae kwon do and touch football. Leaving school I continued to play touch football, I began wake-boarding, dabbled in circuit boxing training and even tried the conventional gym.  I tore cartilage in my knee playing touch football, a pretty common injury that for a short while stopped me enjoying my exercise. My lifestyle already included lots of food and lots of social drinking but when I stopped exercising this started to take its toll. I grew bored and miserable and without any energy I began talking afternoon naps in my early 20s!

2015 held some big changes for me in my personal life and in what i called exercise. I started looking for something new, my boss at the time Trevor Duncan suggested I give Crossfit a go. I went to 1 class and loved every second of it. My original goal was to go 3 times a week but from the moment I started I was going 5-6 days. It was hard and it hurt but I enjoyed every moment of it. My energy levels went through the roof I trained every day then would get home late after work and training and blitz through a full Sunday’s worth of house chores before crashing for the best sleeps id had in years. I stopped drinking as that would make training harder,  I wanted to be fit and healthy. Not only had Crossfit improved my life mentally, physically and nutritionally but socially I made lots of new friends with like minded people. I began to compete and decided to go and do my level 1 which meant I could become a Crossfit coach.

I immediately fell in love with this aspect of the sport as well. I enjoy helping everyone that walks through the door to achieve their goals, whether it be to sweat for an hour, train for their chosen sport, strengthen an injury or just their general health & wellbeing. I started pushing my friends and family into Crossfit as well and discovered that it wasn’t for everyone. Crossfit, with its barbells and gymnastics tends to be a little intimidating yet  i wanted everyone else to experience the benefits I was from the high intensity functional training. I wanted to give them another option.

Enter Tommy Blain, HBZ Owner & coach and the most supportive partner anyone could ask for. Tommy with his mad business and brainstorming skills gave me an opportunity to give everyone that other option and so MCT Fitness was born!

I look forward to meeting everyone and helping you on your journey 🙂

Coach Mads xox