CrossFit HBZ are official Far North Qld affiliates of CrossFit®. CrossFit HBZ HQ is located in Atherton.

With over 13,000 CrossFit® Affiliates worldwide, CrossFit® has literally taken over the world. Here are some reasons why CrossFit® has impacted so many people!


Get results FAST

CrossFit® uses a mixture of exercises in a method known as high-intensity interval training which has been proven to be the most efficient way to get the results you’re looking for.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or run faster, the harder you work the faster the result.



You will always

have a Coach

You will always

learn new skills

All CrossFit® classes have Coaches, they’ll teach you the exercises, they’ll make sure you’re safe, they’ll keep you motivated and accountable to your goals. There’s so much more to exercise than just running and doing situps. In CrossFit, you’ll learn how to lift like Olympic Weightlifters, use rings and bars like Gymnasts, and run like Track and Field athletes.




long-term health


CrossFit® isn’t just an exercise program, it’s a lifestyle. The nutritional side of a CrossFit® emphasises quality, natural foods rather than processed fast foods. Through exercise and nutrition, CrossFit® helps achieve the very best version of yourself.



Be part of a community


Without a doubt the best thing about training in a CrossFit® gym is the community. Everyone supports each other and everyone is there to achieve goals together. Training becomes fun, you want to work out with your friends and everyone high-5’s and cheers each other on.

Thinking about trying CrossFit®? But haven’t made that all-important first step, call one of our coaches to discuss details and see how CrossFit® can change your life!