Our “Beginner” program is designed for anyone looking to join CrossFit HBZ, whether you are new to exercise, train every once in a while all the way through to advanced athletes.

The program is designed to make you technically sound through all CrossFit movements and expose you to CrossFit workouts. This ensures you will have a better understanding of body awareness, technique, and know your strengths and limitations. We cover everything from nutrition, through to progressions of all CrossFit movements which include gymnastics, power lifting, olympic weightlifting, rowing and metabolic conditioning.

People of all ages, from all backgrounds are welcome to join. You don’t have to be strong or fit to join up. Every workout we do can be scaled to suit your current level of ability. Making the decision to commit is the hard part. Once you make that choice to be a healthy and happy human, then CrossFit becomes the fun part! So if you are looking to improve your general fitness and wellbeing as well as vastly improving your quality of life then CrossFit is for you!

The first step to starting CrossFit is joining a box that suits you. Some boxes are aimed directly at Elite athletes, where others cater only for new comers doing light CrossFit sessions.
CrossFit HBZ is one of those rare boxes that has the capacity to cater for all athletes and individuals wanting to join the best CrossFit family.

CrossFit HBZ caters for;

• Newcomers to CrossFit
• CrossFit regulars
• Hardened athletes
• Elite Competing athletes
• Weightlifting athletes
• Gymnastic athletes
• Group Sessions
• You!

Please contact myself (Tommy Blain) on my personal mobile 0488 774 807 to discuss your first step in becoming that healthy happy human!

Get the best out of your CrossFit HBZ Membership with our quicklinks and top tips below…

CrossFit HBZ HQ
Box Location: 26 Eclipse Dr, Atherton, QLD 4883
Coach: Tommy Blain
Ph: 0488 774 807

Turn up 4 or more times a week consistently. Try really hard, make every session better than the last, more intensity and less rest.

Eliminate sugar, sweeteners and processed food, eat 3 quality meals a day and minimise alcohol. Check out the Nutrition tab on this Website and ask me about Zoning and I can customise a food plan to help you reach your goals.

Meet people in your session and remember names, Check the CrossFit HBZ website daily, Hang out at HBZ in your spare time and come to events, Practice, Learn progressions for things you can’t do. Every day practice something you are weak at.

Follow CrossFit HBZ HQ

Set goals, write them down and tell your trainer. Record your training in a journal. Get to know your sport, signup for CrossFit Journal and visit

Learn how to roll and trigger your tight muscles and do it daily. Do homework to strengthen your core and glutes (butt). Correct your posture and do exercises to regain alignment. “Matt Swift” CFB